Your voice in their ear


how we make podcasts

We work with you to understand what you want to achieve and we plan each episode with you.   

  • We create a team with strong, relevant experience

  • We help you think about content, style and guests

  • We record unobtrusively at your workplace or on location

Our team can interview, chair, edit and produce. Our experience is very diverse so we’ll bring broadcast professionals with directly relevant knowledge to your podcasts.  You’ll find our credentials on the Team page. 

We cover all the bases. We can even media train your chosen host for you.

who stars in your podcasts?

You, your colleagues, guests or expert commentators. The choice is yours and we’re happy to advise.


That depends on you and your project. A podcast that's right for a City law firm won't work for a book launch, a charity or a multinational.  Our podcasts are as individual as our clients.  

Listeners want to be intrigued, informed and entertained.   Because we understand structure, story-telling and how to weave sound and music we draw listeners in and hold their attention.   

how many?

One-off, short series, weekly, monthly - whatever suits your objectives.

getting started

  • We start with a phone or email chat about your objectives and how we can help. 

  • If you like what you hear we work up some outline ideas for you to think about.

  • With a clear shared vision of what you want, we cost your podcasts and get to work.


  • We don't charge for an exploratory chat.  If you ask us to look more closely at your project we charge for consultancy and  travel beyond London.   

  • The cost of your podcasts will depend on their complexity and the team and technical resources we need to make them.   We work everywhere. 


your voice in their ear