Your voice in their ear


about podcasts

Listening to podcasts is easy as pie.  All you need is a smartphone and there are millions of podcast fans out there. 

Now organisations and brands are making their own podcasts and talking about who they are and what they do.  They showcase them on their websites and share them on free sites like Apple Podcasts and Stitcher for listeners everywhere.   

Life is busy.  Multitaskers love podcasts.  They listen while they work, travel, exercise or do chores.      

WHO ARE your pods FOR?

  • influencers in your sector

  • clients, subscribers, members and customers

  • colleagues, business partners and recruits

  • interest groups and alumni

  • the media

what's in it for you?

It's hard to make yourself heard. With podcasts people can choose the perfect moment to listen.  

  • showcase what you do

  • build relationships and reach new people

  • spread knowledge

  • encourage debate and innovation

  • grow your influence and impact

how do people listen? 

You decide who can listen.  Your podcasts can sit privately on your own website for colleagues or be freely available to everyone on platforms like Apple Podcasts and Stitcher.

  • Your podcasts are delivered as audio files for you to share

  • People stream or download on smartphones, tablets or laptops - podcasts are a breeze to use

  • Add your pod to Apple podcasts




your voice in their ear